OLIVIER SOUDIEUX - Your guide to make the impossible happen !


Passionate about adventures, Olivier Soudieux splits his time between expeditions, management training and giving conferences.


Olivier knows the corporate world, having spent twelve years in computer engineering companies, including ten as project manager at Cap Gemini. He shares with drive and passion his expertise on subjects such as managing risks and stress.


As a mountain climber in France and with his expeditions in the Himalayas, he has had the opportunity to live extreme experiences in demanding environments, either alone or with a team.


With these two key experiences, he shares his passion by building bridges between the business world and adventures, focusing especially on risk and stress management.


Olivier has an extensive conference track-record, with hundreds of sessions both in Europe and in North America.


An active member of the French Keynote Speakers Association, he is the author of the book and film entitled “Le chemin des cimes “ (“On the trail of the crests”), winner of four prizes, which re-lives his crossing of the Himalayas on foot with Carole Soubiran.





"Olivier Soudieux is organized, conscientious and an excellent facilitator"


He provides a unique combination of experience of the business world along with sports adventures. He knows how to transpose lessons he has drawn from his outdoor adventures to the life inside of a corporation.


He shows in a convincing, lively and memorable way how methods and issues in managing projects resemble each other, whatever the stakes and the environment.”


Jean-Alain Rault - Training Manager for the Groupama University



"Olivier Soudieux is a remarkable trainer, completely involved in his audience"


He is agreeable to listen to. His voice is warm and the tone that he uses always seems to come with a ‘smile’.


Olivier is close to his public. He knows how to capture interest and use his sense of humour.


What he especially provides is his humanity and the possibility to live our dreams! "


Guy Dublet - Quality Manager - Cap Gemini



"This training program on managing risks was really interesting and particularly well facilitated. The way we moved from theory to concrete cases throughout the program proved very beneficial and the way Olivier transposed his professional and personal experience was compelling."


Franck Rubio – Quality Engineer - Glaxo Wellcome



"This intervention was especially rich and lively and allowed me to formalize risk management"


Up to now, risks were always handled in an empiric way, depending on my experience as well as what my colleagues knew. The method presented here will let me enrich my vision, to turn it into goals and to share it with other participants involved in the project, my hierarchy and my customers.


I was especially interested in the situations the training program was based on. Getting out of a purely professional context allows me to set down a foundation that is common to everybody. It facilitates sharing and discussion.


To sum up, the discussions and innumerable insights throughout the program helped me gain control of the method and provided a lot of answers to my questions."


Fabien Pellet – Project Manager - Compagnie Nationale du Rhône



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