Professional Speakers


Professional Speakers, you want to shape up?


We offer you resources (speech trainings and coaching for beginner or confirmed speakers)


Your advantages if you follow our trainings & coaching sessions:


  • You will get more bookings
  • You save time and/or money working with us! Better than Google! Client Companies database
  • Showcase you
  • Negotiate important details for you with clients
  • Negotiate Fees for you with clients
  • Insure your success
  • We Offer you integrity - Code of Ethics for speakers - we are members of the French Association for Professional Speakers and belong to the the Global Speakers Federation .
  • Coach you for serving clients
  • Help you advance career
  • Provide an association of speakers from whom you can learn and network

We Market you for bookings! Phone us +33(0)971 222 971


Our training offer:


1. Boost your public speaking skills (training for beginners or occasional speakers). Duration: 1 day - Max number of participants: 5

2. Executive speech training (advanced training for professional speakers). Duration: 3 day - Max number of participants: 5

3. Executive speech coaching: 6 X 4 hours of individual coaching sessions.

4. Know how to "sell yoursekf as a product" to your clients. Duration: 2 day - Max number of participants: 8

5. Know how to negotiate your Fees with your clients. Duration: 2 day - Max number of participants: 8


Get more informations about our trainings and coaching programs, send us a mail with your request