Professional Speakers Fees


Speaker's fees vary from a few hundred Euros to many thousands of Euros. Some speakers have set fees and will not negotiate.


Though, most will negotiate fees in certain circumstances. That is one reason why on this website we do not publish fees.


One of the many value added services we offer you (a buyer for a speaker) is to get you the right speaker at the right price (within your budget).


Even if the speaker you are looking for is not on our site, or you do not see the topic you want, please realize in most cases we can get you almost any speaker and any topic because we belong to an International Professional Speakers Network.


So...please email us or phone us +33(0)971 222 971 with your budget and/or needs!


We may also offer you a guaranteed back-up speaker free! We know speakers who live in your home city or who live in the area where you are having your meeting. We can also help you minimize expenses for bringing in local speakers!